Our Vision

Founded in 2019, our CEO Zhang Changjie (CJ) has the vision of building Theme International Trading into a leading liquidity provider to face the ever-changing and challenging market environment.

Backed by strong and supportive shareholders, Theme International Trading has the following visions.
Grow The Potential Of All Our Colleagues
Every hire in Theme International Trading is a colleague that has potential to be realised. We want to provide all colleagues with the environment and opportunities to grow and develop their aptitude together with the company. Every colleague is important.

We embrace transparency and a flat hierarchy structure with all our colleagues.
Embracing Technology
We understand the importance of technology and we embrace it. We believe that software engineering is essential to the development and growth of the Company. We place a huge emphasis on ensuring that all our colleagues learn and adapt with the technological changes of both the markets and of society.
Global Liquidity Provider Across Different Asset Classes
Theme International Trading aims to make its presence known across the globe in numerous different asset classes. We strive to provide essential price discovery to the markets and grow
to be a market leader in liquidity provision.
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