Institutional Trading

We deal with institutional investors and traders around the world in providing them with liquidity across our products.
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We achieve this by

Understanding Our Counterparties’ Needs

Whether you are a physical looking to hedge your cargo, or a financial bank looking to offset your trade financing risk, we understand your needs and your requests.

Having Expertise In The Particular Product Space

If it is a product that we dare to offer institutional trading, it would mean that we have expertise in the particular product space. Our teams have countless of experience backed with quantitative analyst to share our market understanding with you

Competitive And Responsive Pricing

We are competitive, consistent and responsive in our pricing to you. Our trading models and market understanding allow us to always provide competitive quotes. We respond quickly to all our requests.

Providing a safe and secured trading setup

We understand the need for privacy and confidentiality in all trades with our counterparties. You would not hear of your name being leaked in the market no matter how large or how small of the trade with us. We also ensure that all trades are cleared as swiftly as possible and there has been no margin issues on our side
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