Our Desks

We think out of the box, are open-minded, quick in execution and dedicated to our work. We implement and build our trading strategies with the innovation of technologies. Our traders
, quants and engineers work and focus on the ever changing market. We keep ourselves relevant and scalable so as to work towards an optimized and conducive environment.
If you have what it takes to contribute to our team's success

Ferrous Metals Desk

We have a ferrous metals desk that specialises in market making iron ore futures and options. Our team has experience in both physical and paper knowledge and we have worked with numerous counter-parties in offsetting their risk and hedging needs.

We are confident in our abilities to provide the most consistent pricing to the markets.

Our team has won numerous accolades over the past few years.
2019 SGX Most Active 62% Iron Ore Futures.
2020 Energy Risk Asia – Iron Ore House of the Year Award.
2020 SGX Most Active 62% Iron Ore Futures.

Energy Desk

We have a growing desk on the energy markets that provides liquidity across the oil barrel. Our team is rapidly expanding in order to deal with the needs of The Oil markets.

We look to be a market leader in this space in the near future, and our colleagues are motivated to be part of this vision.

Quantitative Desk

We have a team of quantitative traders and quantitative analysts that provide liquidity across numerous asset classes. We use quantitative models to understand the markets better, so that we can focus on our role as market makers well.

Our colleagues are motivated in engaging and challenging this market space.

Software Engineers

Our colleagues in this department are the core and backbone of the Company. Software and technology is a key part of our support infrastructure, as we look to synergise between the different desks.

Our engineers are motivated to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.
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